The Board (Executive Committee)

The AIMS operates with a Board currently comprising of fifteen Directors. The membership and base support derives from all over Australia. However, for practical reasons, the Board and the executive positions are shared amongst those members coming from Melbourne and Victoria. The affairs of the Institute are being managed and controlled by the Board.  The 2013-2014 Board and Executive Committee Members are as follows:

Chairman: Mr. Panagiotis Liveriadis

President: Prof. Dr. Anastasios M. Tamis

Vice-President: Dr. Helen Kalamboukas

Secretary: Mr. Panos Gogidis

Treasurer: Mr. Christos Mantzios

Public Relations: Mrs. Theophani Karabatsas

Building Management Officer: Mr. Nicholas Katris

Systems Administrator Officer: Mr. Zisis Kozalkidis

Members: Mr. Makis Kaznaksis, Mr. Terry Stavridis, Mr. Constantinos Hatzistavros, Dr. Vassilios Sarafidis.